Carl Taliaferro

NAME: Carl Taliaferro

KNOWN FOR: Makeup Artist


I've been doing make up for over 20 years. I was trained by a Hollywood make up artist & I in turn had a small part in training a Hollywood make up artist in turn. The young man is very successful & has expanded his shop to make room for more business. I have done several films, both short & feature length. I worked for local television stations & have been featured on several tv shows & at several conventions. I have worked with Bill Blair at conventions such as yours for 14 years now. (check with Bill on that, his memory for dates is better then mine) I have shown people how make up gets applied & what steps it takes to apply it in a professional manner. I have done all the main Star Trek aliens as well as the main aliens on Babylon 5. Bill & I have done anime characters & zombies. I have at one time recreated the make ups from Planet of the Apes & The lord of the Rings as well. I was an internet Horror host for 3 seasons & have enjoyed everything I've done.