A. R. Crebs

NAME: A. R. Crebs

KNOWN FOR: The Esoteric Design

WEBSITE: www.ARCrebs.com

A. R. Crebs spent her youth playing video games, watching the action and horror films of the 80s and early 90s, and used her imagination as a form of entertainment for her family and friends. It wasn't until she was in her early teens that a friend introduced her to the fantasy genre of gaming. Crebs was hooked. What started as fan art of her favorite characters turned into a passion to design a world of her own. Thus Dovian was born. The creation of Dovian's world grew throughout the years where new characters and creatures were designed. While in college, Crebs sparked the idea to write out her story of Dovian and his adventures. Graduating from the Rocky Mountain College of Art + Design with a BFA in illustration and a specialization in children's books, Crebs slowly pieced together artwork and ideas from her youth, forming them all into a novel with the idea of integrating artwork alongside it to help tell the story- much in the way children's books do. Dabbling in multiple art styles, A. R. Crebs felt that constantly changing the look and style of the illustrations would coincide with the imaginations of others. While everyone has a different mind, hopefully one of the images depicted in "The Esoteric Design" matches- to some degree- the reader's imagination, whether it is through style, mood, or subject matter.

You can check out A. R. Crebs' websites for updates, full color artwork, and to participate in future contests.